Bel Canto Voice Training | Holistic Voice Healing

Discover your optimum voice!

Awaken your singing body and experience a vibrant re-alignment of body, voice, and spirit.  Perform with ease, and sing with inspiration.

Are you singing the right repertoire for your voice? Do you know how to practice effectively?  Are you struggling with your voice, or having difficulty attaining a secure and reliable performance method? Do you desire to move into the next level of your singing career?

In Adda’s healing voice coaching sessions, you are guided to experience an effortless unity within “the singing body.” Once awakened, this dynamic synergy continues to evolve. Singing becomes joyful again. Inspiration joins with skill, creating performances that appear “natural and effortless.” Your voice becomes optimized, and your singing life begins to transform. Adda focuses on the whole singer: body, mind and spirit. In her dynamic Bel Canto voice training sessions, she uses her healing gifts and expertise to quickly zero in on what holds you back from your optimum performance.

Find out why so many students love their sessions and why this saves them time and money in their vocal training. Adda’s 30 years of teaching expertise in the Italian Bel Canto vocal traditions combined with her special VOGA™ methods will get your singing career to the next level.

Call today and schedule your first session.  Get a 30% discount off your first session.  Session times are heavily booked, so call immediately to reserve your spot.

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Auditioning for college opera program or summer opera workshop? Don’t have good Italian or French accent/diction? Can’t find the right arias? Stop wasting time trying to fix this alone. Start 2019 with Shurvoice Bel Canto vocal training. I teach online or in person.

Don’t waste time with vocalizations that strain your voice.

Find out how to have a secure and reliable way to perform and sing.

Call today to schedule your first Shurvoice vocal coaching session.

With Adda’s healing vocal methods, you’ll quickly experience beneficial changes in your singing. In her encouraging, supportive vocal training sessions, you’ll be guided to relax as you learn. When tensions are removed, results soar!

Find out which repertoire and songs really fit your voice. Get precise exercises for your unique voice. Receive coaching to enhance or accelerate your performing skills. Learn some of the authentic Italian Bel Canto vocal traditions, and why it’s over 250 years of proven effectiveness keeps the voice flexible and strong.

Adda’s vocal training and coaching help you shine and perform effectively. Since 1988, she has shared her gifts as a voice expert and holistic voice healer, with hundreds of students on three continents. Many of her former students sing in live concerts, operas, high school and college music programs, choirs, recording studios, or perform as speakers in variety of venues.

Adda coaches singers in the following: Opera, Legit Musical Theater, Pop or Folk music.[/toggle]

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The Italian Bel Canto method refers to the study and science of singing, and is well over 250 years old. This method has created such legendary singers as Caruso, Callas, Ponselle, Caballé, Sutherland, Pavarotti and Tebaldi. The method of Bel Canto contains the knowledge and secrets of vocal art as transmitted from singing Masters to their students.

In vocal training sessions, Adda shares her direct knowledge of these traditions from her time spent at Indiana University School of Music, as a dedicated voice student of the celebrated Bel Canto specialist, the Italian/Rumanian Soprano Diva, Virginia Zeani.


Adda is not a pianist, but can do some basic accompanying for some of your songs. She also uses high quality piano, karaoke instrumental or orchestral tracks. Opera students generally arrange to bring their own accompanist for selected sessions. Cost for an accompanist may range from $25 – $35 per session.[/toggle]

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Instead of struggling with your voice, spending weeks or days trying to “relax” and “go with the flow” without success, do Adda Shur’s healing VOGA™ warmups!

Adda has shared her powerfully effective VOGA™ methods on three continents with teachers, students, singers and speakers. Many hundreds of people have experienced life-changing improvements with her VOGA™ methods, including issues with:

* chronic tensions in jaw/facial muscles (TMJ, TMD)

* impediments in breathing system and tensions in posture

* vocal emission, resonance or breaks in the voice

* diction and pronunciation

* focused energy, concentration and listening

In vocal healing sessions, you’ll be guided into a new state of alert, yet relaxed awareness. In this state, specific energy patterns that hinder your optimal vocal sound are identified and released. Then, you will be given specific ways to recondition your singing body to get the healing benefits in your singing. No matter what style of music you sing, Adda’s Shur’s VOGA™ VoiceYoga for peak performance methods can help you do it better!

In 1987, during her Opera career, Adda embarked on a life-long study of how the voice can heal and transform.  She designed her VOGA™ VoiceYoga methods as a dynamic blend of elements from Yoga, The Alexander Technique, special vocal therapies, and Alfred Tomatis (Tomatis Centre for Learning and Listening, Paris).[/toggle]

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When you sing, can you project the words of your song clearly and express their meaning? Do you have great diction in American English? Adda loves to help singers improve their usage of words. Read more about why words are important in her book, “Sopranos Are Not Pianos”.

Adda speaks several languages, some fluently. She coaches singers to attain clear and fluent singing of repertoire in Standard American English, and to develop an authentic accent and pronunciation for the three main Opera Languages: Italian, French and German.[/toggle]

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To aid in daily vocal practice, it is recommended that students make a one-time purchase of Adda’s CD: VOGA™ voiceyoga Warm-ups in 9 minutes or less!

Adda Shur Voga CD

Voice Yoga from Adda Shur.

Sitting comfortably in a chair, you’ll be guided in Adda’s special healing warm-ups.

More about Adda Shur’s VoiceYoga methods:

In 1990, Adda began doing workshops and private lessons sharing her cutting-edge mind/body pedagogical approach to voice training. For thirty years, Adda has continued to be a humble pioneer teaching her holistic, powerfully effective and therapeutically beneficial vocal methods.

Using her methods, many hundreds of individuals on three continents have experienced a dramatic increase in mind/body awareness, and the tremendous healing benefit of connecting to their authentic, vibrant and expressive voice.


[toggle title=”REIKI SESSIONS (Usui Method of Natural Healing)” size=small open=no]Adda is a Reiki Master. Shurvoice students may wish to add this component to their vocal training as needed. Reiki is an ancient healing art from Japan. It helps to accelerate healing of physical or emotional issues. It is very relaxing, and helps restore balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki energy sessions are not massages. While resting or sitting fully clothed, you experience the gentle transmission of universal healing energy at certain Chakra points in the body, via the hands of the practitioner. Sessions are 30, 45 or 75 minutes long.

Special pricing is involved. More information available per inquiry.

Reiki practitioners must receive training and a specific attunement initiation with a certified Reiki Master Teacher to be empowered to channel universal life force energy.

Adda was initiated into Reiki Level 1 by Reiki Master Teacher, Elaine Abrams, of NYC, in 1996, and Level 11 & 111 (Master) by Reiki Master Teacher, Kathleen Leach-Ross of St. Louis in 2002.

[toggle title=”VOCAL RECONDITIONING SERVICES” size=small open=no]Adda’s reconditioning techniques involve re-educating the breathing system, posture, daily speaking voice, vocal placement. (Similar to vocal rehabilitation).

Shurvoice Vocal re-conditioning sessions are transformative, relaxing and healing. Emphasis is on re-educating the vocal mechanism rather than learning or perfecting musical repertoire.

I work with each client differently. If you sing opera, our sessions will be different than sessions for speakers.

Each client gets a personalized daily vocal regiment and specific guidance on how to maximize recovery. Reiki energy healing may also be done during sessions to assist in vocal recovery.

Expect to take a minimum of 8 sessions (either 60 minutes, 45 minute or 30 minute sessions) over a two month period, to hear and feel improvement. If significant damage has occurred in the voice, we may just start with 30 minutes a week, until the voice is stronger.


[toggle title=”CAREER COUNSELING SERVICES” size=small open=no]Adda coaches and advises singers and speakers to gain greater clarity about who they are as artists and the best repertoire to focus on.[/toggle]

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VIDEO CALL SESSIONS: For ages 14 and up. Sessions require a preliminary 15 minute phone or in-person interview. These sessions are great for international clients, those who live out of state, or clients who are busy on tour.[/toggle]



Please call Adda at (310) 963-7194.

(513) 302-5123 is temporarily offline. Contact Adda at her (310) phone# above.

In-person Voice sessions are in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, 45220 (close to the University of Cincinnati, Clifton Campus).

For an additional charge ($10), Adda may also travel to a client’s home depending on distance and circumstance.