Sopranos Are Not Pianos

How Vocal Magic Happens for Women Singers

Developed Over Decades as a Vocal Trainer

In 1990, Adda began doing workshops and private lessons sharing her cutting-edge mind/body pedagogical approach to voice training. For thirty years, Adda has continued to be a humble pioneer teaching her holistic, powerfully effective and therapeutically beneficial vocal methods. Using her methods, many hundreds of individuals on three continents have experienced a dramatic increase in mind/body awareness, and the tremendous healing benefit of connecting to their authentic, vibrant and expressive voice.


“Love this book! Adda Shur has written an exceptional book about the voice. She shares her knowledge and expertise in vocal warm-ups so precisely that when you do them, you can feel the singing body gently awaken and vibrate with energy. Best information I’ve found for singers who want find their vocal magic.”Lisa Biales

“Ahdda Shur has written a most useful book for singers at any stage of development. Detailed descriptions of how to achieve a well produced sound, exercises, practice advice, posture, and use of the breath, are interspersed with Adda’s personal experiences from her opera and teaching careers. Adda writes with a personal style, encouraging the student to not be discouraged. Individual experiences of former students in her studio help to illustrate how the student can, with patience and proper technique, discover their own true voice.”Donna L