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VOGA™ Voice Healing

Give VOGA™ Voice Healing a chance instead of struggling with your voice or spending days trying to “relax” without success. Adda has shared her powerfully effective VOGA™ methods on three continents with teachers, students, singers and speakers. In 1987, during her Opera career, Adda embarked on a life-long study of how the voice can heal and transform.  She designed her VOGA™ VoiceYoga methods as a dynamic blend of elements from Yoga, The Alexander Technique, special vocal therapies, and Alfred Tomatis (Tomatis Centre for Learning and Listening, Paris).

Experience Life-Changing Improvements

Many hundreds of people have experienced life-changing improvements with her VOGA™ methods, including issues with…
  • Chronic tensions in jaw/facial muscles (TMJ, TMD)
  • Impediments in breathing system and tensions in posture
  • Vocal emission, resonance or breaks in the voice
  • Diction and pronunciation
  • Focused energy, concentration and listening

What to Expect With VOGA™

In vocal healing sessions, you’ll be guided into a new state of alert, yet relaxed awareness. In this state, specific energy patterns that hinder your optimal vocal sound are identified and released. Then, you will be given specific ways to recondition your singing body to get the healing benefits in your singing. No matter what style of music you sing, Adda’s Shur’s VOGA™ VoiceYoga for peak performance methods can help you do it better!

Contact Adda (310-963-7194) For a Free Consultation!

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is an ancient healing art from Japan. Adda Uses the Usui Method of Natural Healing. Reiki helps to accelerate healing of physical or emotional issues. It is very relaxing, and helps restore balance of body, mind, and spirit. Shurvoice students may wish to add this component to their vocal training as needed.

Adda is a Reiki Master

Reiki practitioners must receive training and a specific attunement initiation with a certified Reiki Master Teacher to be empowered to channel universal life force energy. Adda was initiated into Reiki Level 1 by Reiki Master Teacher, Elaine Abrams, of NYC, in 1996, and Level 11 & 111 (Master) by Reiki Master Teacher, Kathleen Leach-Ross of St. Louis in 2002.

Reiki Energy Sessions Are Not Massages

While resting or sitting fully clothed, you experience the gentle transmission of universal healing energy at certain Chakra points in the body, via the hands of the practitioner.

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