VOGA™ voiceyoga

Daily Warm-Ups In 9 Minutes or Less!

You will get 64 minutes of Adda’s guided instruction, including a special 10 minute guided meditation for your breathing and release of tensions. Used by singers, speakers, teachers and students. No special musical training needed.

Adda Shur Voga CD


Developed Over Decades as a Vocal Trainer

In 1990, Adda began doing workshops and private lessons sharing her cutting-edge mind/body pedagogical approach to voice training. For thirty years, Adda has continued to be a humble pioneer teaching her holistic, powerfully effective and therapeutically beneficial vocal methods. Using her methods, many hundreds of individuals on three continents have experienced a dramatic increase in mind/body awareness, and the tremendous healing benefit of connecting to their authentic, vibrant and expressive voice.

How To Use the Recording

To aid in daily vocal practice, it is recommended that students make a one-time purchase of Adda’s Instructional Recording… VOGA™ voiceyoga.

With this instructional recording you can sit comfortably in a chair and be guided through Adda’s special healing warm-ups.


“I’ve just tried the VOGA Daily Warmups and it was wonderful! I was surprised at how deeply and quickly my whole being just opened up. And this was just the first use!”Alok Narayana, Singer and Therapist (Cincinnati, Ohio)

“With Adda’s VoiceYoga methods, I was able to complete my training as a speaker, and sing in front of hundreds of people with great success… I’ve received tremendous value from the VoiceYoga recording and the voice coaching sessions. Her VoiceYoga recording has enabled me to do warm-ups daily, and my overall breathing capacity and my cardiovascular strength have improved considerably.” – Michael Low, Computer Consultant (Los Angeles, California)

“Since working with Adda, my voice has quickly taken on a new, richer timber. My range has increased, and projection isn’t as big a problem as it once was. I also use her VoiceYoga CD.”Paul Marshal, Actor (Los Angeles, California)

Improvisations On Sacred Chants

For Healing, Relaxation, and Meditation

These 8 improvisations based on Hebrew and Hindu chants, showcase Adda’s shimmering vocal colors and musicality, along with the brilliant talent of her brother, Grammy-Award winning composer, Itaal Shur, providing instrumental accompaniment.

Improvisations on Sacred Chants Adda Shur


About the Recording

> Listen to an Interview About the Album With Adda


“Thank you so much for the new album. It is extraordinary, as is your singing and the accompaniment by Itaal”Cantor Raymond Smolover