Denise Turner – International Speaker (Alta Loma, California)

Denise came to Adda for speaker coaching, and took a 6 week special workshop. We worked on her poor body mechanics, a nasal and pinched vocal tone, and speech development. She was a great student, and highly motivated, as she was scheduled to speak in important business conferences on the uses of and trends in global commercial color uses in all aspects of products. She sits on the Global Color committee which selects the colors we see in all our products. She would speak about color trends, and more. She was also a spiritually oriented person, who was holistic in her approach and the meaning of colors.

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After a year of on/off coaching with Adda, her international speaking career took off, and she was completely transformed as a speaker, and in her field as a color expert. Her voice got deeper and more resonant, and she was able to improvise on stage using her vast knowledge of this industry with greater ease. She stayed a client of Adda’s for about 3 years until AddaI moved from Los Angeles to Cincinnati.

“Adda Shur is a MUST HAVE for vocalists!… With her VOGA™ methods and Vocal Warm-ups CD, I’m calm, focused and own the stage…Adda accelerated my speaking career to an international level…”Denise Turner, International Speaker on Design and Color Trends


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About ShurVoice and Adda Shur

Adda discovered her talent for teaching while engaged as an opera soloist with the Zurich Opera, Switzerland in 1988. Young opera students attending her performances asked if she would teach, and she hasn’t stopped yet. Adda has helped many hundreds of students, choirs, teachers and speakers to develop their vocal talents. Her students are empowered to perform with ease, power and expression whether on stage, in the concert hall or in the recording studio.
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October 3, 2023