Being a singer isn’t as easy as we professional singers make it look. Last week, my focus was on the basic qualities and musical foundation needed for a singing career. However, as a holistic vocal coach, I believe that everyone benefits from vocal training, and should get some soon!  In my teaching practice, I’ve worked with 6-year-olds and 70-year-olds, and love empowering people with the fundamentals of good singing. Vocal training not only trains the ear, it also improves breathing and posture. It’s like learning an inner dance.

I believe that children need to know how to sing in tune and with a pleasant voice.  Hearing lots of children’s songs and folk songs, along with classical music, used to be a regular part of a child’s education. Now, sadly, so many teenagers and young adults come to singing lessons without any musical background or preparation for vocal training, except for what they’ve seen on The Voice, American Idol, or America’s Got Talent.

It’s shocking how many adults can’t even sing “Happy Birthday” in tune anymore, let alone stay on pitch for a simple folk song. Lately, I’ve been doing some singing and dance sessions with toddlers at a private daycare center. I love working with children. It’s wonderful to see how they respond to songs and love to sing along. They hear me singing many of the classic children’s songs and folk songs. These kids are learning rhythm, melody patterns, words, memory skills, listening and focus.  Their little ears and minds are being fed. They’ll be able to sing “Happy Birthday” at a party when they get older!

I have seen so many people’s lives change because they spent some time getting vocal training and learned how to really sing and speak well.  We use our voice, every day. Using your voice incorrectly for speaking makes you feel tired. Singing incorrectly is better than not singing at all. However, when you sing with a pleasing and in tune voice, it’s so much better for you!


It’s so beautiful to see how after a few months of lessons with me, a shy child or a fearful teen finds new poise and confidence. When adults have come to me with chronic vocal problems, I give them a “vocal diet” that help to retrain the voice, along with my VOGA methods. They discover a new authority and confidence when they speak or sing. The old saying – “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” – is really true.

My VOGA (voiceyoga) for peak performances serves as an excellent aerobic training and reduces mental and emotional stress.

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