TV shows such as @TheVoice & @AmericanIdol prove having real vocal talent is a gift everyone wants to have, and everyone enjoys receiving! I’m all for TV shows that promote young singers. What concerns me is the tremendous hype that each singer is subjected to – both in terms of the critique they receive and the inflated compliments. Unlike opera vocal competitions which have fixed musical and vocal standards, the standards by which pop and TV singers are judged are often quite arbitrary, and more about a unique “sound,” “look,” or “attitude.”

Another thing that is curiously lacking in these shows is how the judges never discuss what it takes for professional singers to stay in vocal shape. All that is discussed is attitude, commitment, and “hard work” – but never showing the hard work! Like daily vocal practice and what trained singers do on a daily basis, to build their voice or keep in vocal shape.

Whether you sing pop, jazz, opera or rock – having a reliable technique and daily practice of the right kind, is essential. It takes sustained energy, stamina, breath control, and musical training of a high degree to perform as a singer, whether it’s jazz shows, musical theater performances or in the recording studio.

Opera singers have to train the hardest for their careers. They put in years of vocal, dramatic, musical and language training to be where they are. Musical theater singing also demands intense vocal and musical preparation along with basic dance training.


Having a daily vocal / physical warm-up routine is essential. Some excellent ways for singers to keep in shape, and have the flexible breathing system of intercostal muscles of the rib cage, head and neck balance would be a daily routine of walking, followed by some Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Hatha Yoga, or Alexander Technique.

Even if you’re not planning a professional singing career, these kinds of body/mind disciplines will help you to stay fit, stay young and maintain join/muscles flexibility. Singers need a daily physical routine to balance, energize and equalize the breath, body, and posture and muscle flexibility. Singing is as much an athletic art as a dramatic and musical one.

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