Shurvoice students spend 4- 6 months becoming familiar with my VOGA™ warm-ups. Once the singing body is better balanced, I  add some of the more demanding, traditional Bel Canto vocalizes, as needed. Scales, arpeggios, legato, staccato ascending and descending scales, rapid and slow scales, with different vowel combination, words, phrases, scales, legato coloratura, etc.

Re-conditioning of vocal habits takes time and courage to do. Shurvoice Students often discover an improvement in breath and vocal function after at least 4 months of daily practice with my specialized Re-conditioning methods, and coming for weekly and regular lessons with me. It is unrealistic to expect significant vocal transformation to occur “overnight” without the combination of expert coaching and correct practicing. It takes time for the student to really know how to practice! It may even take several years.

Training of the voice for singing or speaking is a personal and transformative experience. To be successful in this endeavor, a student requires regular, weekly lessons – with an experienced vocal guide/teacher, along with additional extra musical coaching and study.

I encourage my students to record their voice lessons and practice with that recorded lesson during the week. While some students may experience dramatic changes in a few months, most students should plan at least one year of regular weekly lessons, for basic level co-ordination, and up to 4-5 years to become advanced singers.  If two lessons a week are taken, students can accelerate their growth. Additional master classes and workshops are also recommended, to learn by performing and hearing others in the workshop.  My students are also helped with their daily practice, when they commit to practicing with my 9 minutes a day VOGA™ Warmups CD.